reliability in digital image production


In order to support you with an ICC-Profile which fullfills our demands we have posted the latest version of PhotoGamut RGB for a free-of charge download.

For Mac-Users: PhotoGamut_avg6c.sit
For PC-Users:

New in version avg6c:
The current profile has been reduced in file size whithout loosing any quality. The file size now is less than 200 kBytes. Additionally, we have fixed problems which occured when viewing the profile in GretagMacbeth's ProfileEditor.

We would like to invite all photographers, professional labs and printing studios testing this color space and sharing their experience whith us. Off course, especially users whith a serious background in color management topics are welcome ...

We confirm that also future versions of PhotoGamutRGB.icc will be 'public domain' and free of charge. Regardless whether you are an end user or a provider of software solutions in the field of digital imaging.

PhotoGamutRGB at work
PhotoGamutRGB is considered to be a RGB working space. Therfore, it should be your default working space in Photoshop and other CM-aware software.
Digital camera files as well as scanner files should be converted to PhotoGamutRGB using 'relative colorimetric' rendering intent.

In some cases, files from scanners oder digicams whith extremely large color spaces, and containing very highly saturated colors can show better results when converting them whith the preceptual (or so-called photographic) rendering intent. You will have to decide that individually. PhotoGamutRGB - as a true printer profile - provides all four rendering intents.

We happened to observe most consistent result when choosing the Adobe CMM; other CMMs work as well, but can - depending on the computer platform, the operating system and the imaging software - lead to different results.

The color conversion to the individual output device's color space should also been computed using relative colorimetric rendering intent. We recommend also to make use of the black point compensation, if available. For pictures containing very high saturated colors perceptual rendering could be chosen.


Download of averaged ICC-Profiles for softproofing puposes:


For Mac-Users:
Average InkJet Glossy/Matt
Average Photoprinter RGB


For PC-Users:
Average InkJet Glossy/Matt
Average Photoprinter RGB